Welcome to twogirlsfishing

The idea for this blog came about thanks a wonderful book group that Michelle and I belong to—a book group that is still seeking a name; any suggestions?—and my annual March obsession with The Morning News’ Tournament of Books. (I think I love you, Rosecrans Baldwin!) As in past years, I’ve not read a single book in contention, for a variety of reasons that I won’t go into right now. I do, however, love reading the judges’ reviews, the moderators’ commentary, and the fantastic discussions that take place in the comments. People care so much about books! So do we!

A once-a-month book group and the occasional conversation with Michelle is awesome, but sometimes I want to be able to continue the discussion, or share a thought right away, or explore an idea by writing it down. So, a blog.

A quick note on the blog name and header. The imagine is from a John Singer Sargent painting called Two Girls Fishing from 1912, and it depicts his nieces fishing while on a family trip in the French Alps. It currently hangs in the Cincinnati Art Museum, where I look forward to visiting it someday. Michelle and I like to think about which of us is the girl in white (Michelle—duh), and which of us is the girl in black (Me—come on!).

In real life, Michelle and I also enjoy: reading, writing, thinking; walking, talking, being; living, learning, loving. Thanks for joining us here!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to twogirlsfishing

  1. I’ll admit that I look a little like the girl in white. But I fully expect both Sarah and I to find the “girl in white” and the “girl in black” within as we continue to walk, read, and (now) write together.

    Our fantastic (if still nameless) book group always inspires more than we can fit in any one meeting or in any rambly Vermont walk Sarah and I can fit in after. I can’t think of anything better than reading and writing, and walking, so thank you Sarah for getting us started.

    I look forward to our book group, which was born out of a Jane Austen trivia showdown, chiming in too. I hope to begin with a blog post about Jane Austen, a most natural place to start. From Mansfield Park I can follow with our book group read, Howard’s End, and finish the line with On Beauty.

    And if I can figure it out, I will tag those!

    • Tags are simple. I can show you/tell you how if you don’t figure it out. We need to find you an avatar, too!

      I’m working on a post about The Hunger Games, which I read this weekend. Not sure I have anything very original to say about it, but that’s hardly the point. Right?

      Until then, happy reading!

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