Welcome to twogirlsfishing

The idea for this blog came about thanks a wonderful book group that Michelle and I belong to—a book group that is still seeking a name; any suggestions?—and my annual March obsession with The Morning News’ Tournament of Books. (I think I love you, Rosecrans Baldwin!) As in past years, I’ve not read a single book in contention, for a variety of reasons that I won’t go into right now. I do, however, love reading the judges’ reviews, the moderators’ commentary, and the fantastic discussions that take place in the comments. People care so much about books! So do we!

A once-a-month book group and the occasional conversation with Michelle is awesome, but sometimes I want to be able to continue the discussion, or share a thought right away, or explore an idea by writing it down. So, a blog.

A quick note on the blog name and header. The imagine is from a John Singer Sargent painting called Two Girls Fishing from 1912, and it depicts his nieces fishing while on a family trip in the French Alps. It currently hangs in the Cincinnati Art Museum, where I look forward to visiting it someday. Michelle and I like to think about which of us is the girl in white (Michelle—duh), and which of us is the girl in black (Me—come on!).

In real life, Michelle and I also enjoy: reading, writing, thinking; walking, talking, being; living, learning, loving. Thanks for joining us here!